A Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney who is a Former Police Officer with legal services designed for Winning.

The Bose Law Firm, a Virginia Litigation Firm was formed in 1998.  The Firm is led by Sudeep Bose, Esq., a former police officer and investigator. The Firm serves clients in Asset Protection and Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Probation Violations, Juvenile Cases, Domestic Abuse Cases, DUI Defense, Self-defense and Firearms Law, Business Torts and Business Contract matters. 

Case Results

Companies hire the Firm to negotiate contracts, conduct interviews with executives prior to civil and criminal action, assess corporate risk associated with pending business litigation, conduct internal investigations, and assess whistle-blower actions. 

Individuals hire the Firm to defend them in criminal allegations in state and federal courts, assess legal risks, plan wealth protection strategies, and obtain second opinions in cases when they lose confidence in other attorneys.   

Attorney Bose served as a police officer in Prince George's County, Maryland (MNCPP).  During his tenure on the midnight shift in this difficult environment, he obtained invaluable insight into the world of drugs, gangs and violent crime.  He obtained advanced training in Interview and Interrogation, DUI detection and arrest, counter-intelligence, firearms armory, drug interdiction, and negotiation.  These skills combined with his experience as in-house General Counsel for a government contractor in Northern Virginia produce proven results for clients involved in various legal matters. 

Recent victories for the Firm include hundreds of Criminal Cases in Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, Falls Church and other jurisdictions of Virginia.  The Firm lists all cases daily on Twitter.  

Attorney Bose offers a series of videos on YouTube to guide those who wish to represent themselves.  It is a form of community service offered by Attorney Bose.

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