When the Police are involved, we can make a difference.  If a legal challenge arises, we plan the winning strategy.

Sudeep Bose explains the Right to Remain Silent and Miranda Warnings. 

Sudeep Bose explains the law of Traffic Stops

Superb Rated Virginia Attorneys for Criminal & Traffic Cases


The Bose Law Firm offers aggressive, comprehensive representation in the realm of criminal, DUI and Traffic Defense for executives.  The Firm is often retained by knowledgeable, sophisticated clients including other police officers seeking representation on highly sensitive issues requiring utmost discretion and skill.  A majority of Firm clients hold security clearances and trust the expertise of the Firm for career and life changing decisions.

The firm handles complex cases in all facets of criminal law from DUI to computer trespass to white collar cases involving fraud.  In cases involving computers, DNA evidence, breath tests, and blood specimens, the Firm's attorneys' education and experience in science, legal procedure, law enforcement protocols, and substantive law form the winning mindset clients have counted on since 1998.

To date, the Firm has represented over 18000 clients in various criminal cases. The Firm has been profiled in the Washington Times, New York Times, NBC News, and WTOP for its work in the Criminal Defense arena. 


DUI Defense

Virginia DUI | DWI charged under Virginia Code 18.2-266 are Class 1 misdemeanor criminal charges carrying the possibility of up to one year in jail, up to $2500 in fines, a one year suspension of one's driver's license.  If convicted, the defendant must be on probation for one year, complete alcohol classes via ASAP (Alcohol Safety Action Program) and install an ignition interlock into all personal vehicles for 6 months if there is a restricted license involved in the case.  DUI 2nd and 3rd cases carry much greater penalties.

Attorney Bose fights Virginia DUI cases with technical, legal and procedural arguments in the courts of Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Loudoun, Prince William, Herndon, Falls Church, and the US District Court in Alexandria.  See our Case Results.  The Firm is available for cases in other counties of Virginia as far as Abingdon, VA.   

Bose Law Firm clients are professionals interested in protecting their reputation and good name.  They are resourceful and appreciate the high level of service and experience brought into court by the Bose Law Firm.  The Bose Law Firm is not a high volume practice.  DUI cases are time intensive to prepare for trial and the number of cases accepted by Attorney Bose is strictly limited.  

It is all too simple for an attorney to plead their client guilty.  The mission statement of the Bose Law Firm is to parse the facts with utmost detail, identify the legal weaknesses and take the case to trial.  The mission, indeed, is to accrue the greatest benefit for the client regardless of time.   

Financial Crimes

Mortgage loan crimes, insurance fraud, money laundering, and other executive crimes are unique cases involving complex financial and technical evidence.  The Bose Law Firm Financial Crimes Defense Unit handles cases involving a range of activities in the business world. Bose Law Firm attorneys help executives charged with:

  • Mortgage Fraud | Bank Fraud | Loan Fraud

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Embezzlement

  • Tax Evasion

  • Internet and Computer Fraud

  • Mail Fraud

  • Money Laundering

Law enforcement agencies that investigate the above crimes are typically not local police departments.  One suspected of white-collar crime may face investigators from various County Prosecutors' Offices or the State Attorney General's Office, and federal agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service, Treasury Department, IRS or SEC.

Recently increased federal sentencing guidelines and penalties for white-collar crime highlight the government's view that such offenses are to be treated harshly. From fines to imprisonment, white collar crime punishment is often similar to the penalties assigned to violent street criminals or drug distributors.  As such, it is critical to seek competent, experienced counsel from an experienced team from the earliest moment one learns of a criminal investigation.

Reckless Driving Cases

Reckless Driving in Virginia is a Class 1 Misdemeanor criminal charge with can affect security clearances, insurance costs, and other sensitive matters affecting government contractors and Military | Law Enforcement personnel.  Reckless driving is in the same criminal classification as a DUI | DWI charge.  The penalty parameters for reckless driving is up to one year in jail, and/or up to $2,500 in fines.  Reckless driving also carries the possibility of a suspension of driving privileges for up to 6 months.

Attorney Bose has handled thousands of Reckless Driving cases since 1998.  He has tried Reckless Driving accident cases leading to the death.  The twitter feed located at http://www.twitter.com/boselawfirm lists all previous cases.  In a recent Reckless Driving death case, Attorney Bose was presented with 3 Virginia State Troopers who were experts in Accident Reconstruction. 

Attorney Bose carefully parsed the evidence, found the errors and made a motion to strike the government's evidence.  Trial Won! Case Dismissed! Although all cases are different and past results do not guarantee future results, do you not want a lawyer with the experience to win?  Attorney Bose is often retained in Reckless Driving appeals in which the client was represented by another attorney - often less expensive and less experienced.


Sex and Drugs

The Special Cases Unit handles Sex and Drug Crimes on behalf of professionals in Virginia and Washington, DC. The Firm handles matters in all Virginia State and Federal Courts including the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Professionals who demand the utmost in discretion and privacy routinely retain attorneys from the Firm. Attorney Bose has testified in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on Proper Police Procedure in 2014.

BLF SCU attorneys associated with the Firm are charged with handling cases requiring the utmost in discretion, confidentiality and client privacy. 

  • Drug Possession cases involving Professionals

  • Possession with Intent to Distribute

  • Prostitution | Solicitation | Pandering

  • Matters involving Minors

  • Rape | Statutory Rape

  • Molestation

  • Strangulation

  • Kidnapping