Very grateful to Mr.Bose's persuasive skills !


Posted by a client, 04/25/2015 Source AVVO

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Mr. Bose has all the superior qualities that a perfect lawyer should have with a deep understanding of different aspects of The Law. His past working experience as a police officer and an investigator not only makes him a great subject matter expert in connecting the dots from the story explained by client but also helps with reviewing & analyzing all the possible circumstances of the situation. His immense knowledge & solid grip on law systems, intuitiveness, excellent negotiation skills, responsiveness, sincerity & dedication and last but not the least his professionalism in handling and presenting the case highlights him as an UNIQUE attorney. I reached out to him when I was struggling with a problem that could have turned my life to the worst leading multiple months of jail sentence & immigration issues. He started working on my case literally from the time I first spoke with him and very generous to provide his honest legal advise over the phone. He is a very active listener, good presenter, critical thinker and a very practical lawyer advocating the realistic outcomes ONLY without misleading and misusing the very sensitive & misfortune times of the client. Mr.Bose has proved his genuine professional & personal care by responding to all phone calls/email questions and keeping in touch throughout the ordeal. His legal advises combined with philosophical view were very impressive and hand-holded as an elder brother to realize the bigger picture of My Life. On the day of trial, he was very confident & energetic and showed his aggressiveness for fighting on behalf of me though he was left with very minimal opportunities for defending my case. Thank you very much for all his mediating & convincing skills as he managed to cut a deal with the prosecutor for dismissing one charge completely and degrade the severity of the other one despite the presence of strong witnesses on that day. I want to share a memorable experience where one of the prosecutors in the court walked towards me and certified my attorney's selection, congratulated and showered praises for Mr.Bose watching his negotiation skills first hand. I felt extremely lucky to hire him as my lawyer where I started with a clueless situation. I really appreciate him for all his invaluable assistance and saving me & my family from the deep neck troubles. I wanted to stress that the legal fees I paid him was negligible when compared with the satisfaction levels of his services and I couldn't ask for anything more than those accomplishments. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Mr.Bose for all your legal problems either minor or major from the bottom of my heart.

  • I recommend Sudeep Bose.