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Prince William Assault and Battery | Domestic Abuse

Prince William County #Domestic #Assault #Battery. Client is husband with Security Clearance on hold for this charge.

Defense Strategy: A blend of equitable and legal arguments.  The essence of the case was the client allegedly slapped and pushed his wife in a heater battle over money.  Our client and his wife disagreed on sequence of events, but Attorney Sudeep Bose, a former police officer, thought that the strike was in self defense and that the wife was the primary aggressor (both legal defenses). 

Prosecutor's first offer was continuance under the Code for 1st time Offender.  This was unnacceptable as Attorney Bose has always stated that dismissals conditioned upon a guilty plea are NOT TRUE dismissals.

After several negotiations with the Prosecutor, attorney Bose was able to generally continue the matter for a true DISMISSAL.