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3.2-6503 Inadequate Care

Fairfax Animal Neglect Case Win!

Fairfax Animal Neglect Case.  Virginia Code Section 3.2-6503 Inadequate Care.

Bose Law Firm has tried and negotiated several animal cases in the recent past. Through trial and error, the Firm has narrowed the arguments which work and help streamline the defense objective to get the pet owner out of criminal hot water.

In today's case, Attorney Sudeep Bose was prepared to go to trial on the merits of the case.  The analysis was that the pet owner had left ample water and had taken enough precautions when he left his pet in his vehicle.  In essence, the defense was that the case facts did not rise to the level required for a conviction.

The Prosecutor tried to continue the case. BLF objected. Judge denied the moton for a Government continuance. Prosecutor moved the court to Nolle Prosequi. Case Not Prosecuted. WIN!