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Fairfax Court- Vienna DUI and Refusal. Belligerent and driving 90mph in 25.

Fairfax Vienna DUI and Refusal case.  Client charged with DUI upon officer stopping vehicle for driving 90 mph in 25 mph zone.  Client allegedly drove through gas station at close to that high speed and then residential areas.  Vehicle hit curb and flattened tire prior to stop. Pace.
Client refused breath test and had strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and was incoherent, unable to stand upright without using hands for balance.  Highly belligerent to officer and magistrate.

BLF identified legal weaknesses in the case and added value to the defense via equity arguments of treatment prior to court date.

Result: Case amended to Reckless driving. No active jail, 6 month loss of license with immediate Restricted Operator's License.

Professional client with a BSc. degree in Finance and with a good job.  He gets a second chance!