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Alexandria #Assault and #Battery 18.2-57. Case Dismissed - Not Prosecuted! WIN!

Alexandria #Assault #Battery. Client allegedly beat her married boyfriend and his wife upon going to their apartment to share that she was pregnant. BLF prepared case for TRIAL - client maintained her innocence through out speaking with Attorney Bose and assured the Firm that she was simply defending herself. Case Dismissed. WIN!

In Virginia Assault and Battery cases, one of the fundamental issues is Primary Aggressor.  Who was the Primary Aggressor? If the Primary Aggressor was not the person charged, the defense strategy is always to assert the affirmative defense of Self Defense.

In trials for #Assault and #Battery, if Self Defense is asserted, the burden falls on the defense to prove the Self Defense.  This is achieved through careful cross examination of the Government witnesses and usually requires the Defense to place the Defendant on the stand.  This must be carefully weighed and much preparation is required.

In this case, the Firm prepared the case fully for trial.  All aspects of the case including actual physical movements during the altercation were reviewed and parsed.

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