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Case Result: ‪#‎Contractor‬ ‪#‎Professional‬ ‪#‎Regulations‬ ‪#‎Case‬

Case Result: ‪#‎Contractor‬ ‪#‎Professional‬ ‪#‎Regulations‬ ‪#‎Case‬ 
‪#‎DPOR‬ Our client is a Class C license holder. Governement agency is Virginia Board of Contractors.

Background: Our client prior to our engagement sued former customers for unpaid work on their home. The customers, unhappy with their work and unhappy with being sued, complained to DPOR about the work done on their home. DPOR reviewed the matter and opened an investigation. Things became complicated quickly as our clients did not assess risks associated with suing their customer.

During their investigation, the DPOR investigator learned that our client:
Allegedly used ‪#‎unlicensed‬ subcontractors, did not pull proper permits, did work outside their license/class limitations.

BLF advised client to take a very aggressive posture during the investigation phase. BLF did not release information it assessed was protected by the attorney-client privilege, did not provide information based on 5th Amendment grounds, and protected all information which could have been used to prosecute the client and solidify the DPOR case against the client. Further and most importantly, ‪#‎Attorney‬ Sudeep Bose opened communication channels with the investigator to put a human element on the case and deflect the issues.

Case Result: Minimal fines for minor infractions. No license suspension/revokation. No criminal prosecution. Huge Win!